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  About us
  SHENZHEN LONFINE INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD,was founded in June 2015。Its R&D and Marketing Center is located in Longhua, Shenzhen.and has a production center in Huizhou.Since its foundation, the company has been creating products and breaking through the requirements of itself. Therefore it has beed very successful in the area of bone conduction audio technology . At present, it has obtained more than 10 appearance patents, 1 invention patent and 6 utility model patents.
        We have registered our own brand "Lonfine" in the United States and China. We will register our own brand in Europe, Japan and Korea in the next step. Our products are selling well in local areas and are highly recognized by consumers. We will continue to work hard to develop better products to give back to our customers.
  Our mission
  Love music, love yourself. Let every customer who uses lonfine products love life and himself!